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  1. Jessica Kilcoyne
    June 09, 2019 at 12:05 PM
    Had large mildew growing in my condo due to water intrusion from the balcony. The first guy who came out to inspect was wonderful and the reason I went with the company. However, he wasn’t there the day Biorestore came back to do the work. A young, unprofessional guy was leading the crew who ripped up my glued down hardwoods and caused damage to many more planks than they needed to.. even making a big X on one and not removing it. In the middle of winter they used my balcony door to vent the room and left a huge gaping hole in the plastic that I had to duct tape off myself (right before an ice storm). They were supposed to come back 2-3 days later but they “didn’t have time” so I had to fight to get them to come take it all down. I was actually told I could turn off the machine myself and rip down all the plastic. So what was I paying 2200 for?! When my contractor came out to replace the floors once their work had been done, he told me they failed to remove the wet, mildew filled weather backer and sealant. So I paid MORE money to have my contractor remove this completely soaked and mildewed material. I did put a call in about this to the original guy who assessed the damage but it took him weeks to call me back. At that point, I was sick of dealing with this company, paid the money and felt nauseated about every penny.
  2. Linda
    April 15, 2019 at 23:48 PM
    After speaking with several companies, I chose Jacob at BioRestore, he was the only one who fulfilled everything in the time frame as promised. Professional and efficient!!! Answered questions even after hours to assure me of the procedure. Take your hat off to him, I ask so many questions! His actions truly shows he cares about his customers! Being a former Realtor, I’m not the easiest person to please! Remediation of toxic mold, it isn’t easy to find a reliable and dependable company! Upon completion Jacob came back to make sure the job was completed to his and my satisfaction. Jacob is extremely educated in the field of restoration. I highly recommend Biostore and Jacob!
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