Ladies Fitness and Health Club
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  1. Johannah Brown
    June 07, 2019 at 17:09 PM
    I could go on all day about why I love this place! The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and encouraging. The members are all kind, helping to create an environment that someone who is shy like myself can feel comfortable in. It’s a place where women are cheering each other on and that is what makes it so incredibly special. I definitely recommend checking them out!
  2. Lizzie Smith
    June 16, 2019 at 16:31 PM
    My rating is mostly related to the difficulty I have had in leaving this gym and getting them to stop charging me. I joined with a 12 month commitment and ended up moving away near the end of that time. I called to ask that my membership not auto-renew and was told it was taken care of. I then noticed that I was charged the $40 annual facility fee for the next year. I called and my membership had in fact not been cancelled as requested. I had to come in to sign paperwork and was told they couldn’t refund the month’s membership or the annual facility fee that I had be charged but would waive the 30 day cancellation notice. Their excuse for my being told it was taken care of was a former employee that had been let go. Even now that I have signed the paperwork and have a copy stating that no further charges will occur, I have continued to be charged for two additional months. The last time I called I was told someone would call me back but I never heard back from them. I plan to contest the charges with my credit card company and will continue to call. I have one additional complaint during the time I did attend this gym. The gym advertises opening early in the morning. I showed up one morning to work our before work and the door was locked. Nobody was at the desk, and nobody answered when I called. I called back later in the day and was told that if I wanted to come early I would have to pay an additional $25 for a key fob to get in since they don’t staff the front desk that early. So really your membership doesn’t cover the full hours of operation. Overall I have found this to be a poorly run establishment and would not recommend it.
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